Andie’s comic industry work includes sequentials for the titles Spectacular Spiderman, Batman Strikes, Smallville, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Masters of the Universe, Starship Troopers and Noble Causes, plus pin ups and covers for Blade of the Immortal, Bloodrayne and Twilight Men.

In 2000, Andie began production of a co-created 70 page graphic novel, ‘The Architect’ with Eisner Award winning author, Mike Baron, which was published online through Big Head Press in 2006 and will hit store shelves in August 2007.

Besides working for Panini, HarperCollins, DC, Marvel, Darkhorse, Mirage Studios, Image, Markosia, MV Creations and Crossgen Comics, Andie has also done commercial work for DC, Nike, Mforma, Universal, CBS, Mattel, Hasbro’s Duelmasters game and illustrations for Whitewolf’s “Exalted” fantasy gaming books.

From 2005 to 2010, Andie was the regular artist for Spectacular Spiderman UK.

In 2010, Andie completed the Tron: Betrayal graphic novel for Disney and Marvel, a prequel comic to the movie, Tron: Legacy. He is currently illustrating Dynamite Entertainment's comic adaptation of the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. When time permits, he also tries to juggle illustration duties with a range of children's picture storybooks for HarperCollins.


Andie Tong :: Artist, President

Christian Bannister :: Designer, Creative Director

Melanie Richards :: Backgrounds Assist

Roger Gale :: Designer

Shawn Koh :: Promotions

Louis Yang :: Accounts



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